HGUC NZ-666 “Kshatriya” [Complete] (painted, photoshoot)

Mobile Suit: HGUC NZ-666 Kshatriya  Grade: HGUC 1/144 scale

WIP 1: http://wp.me/p2ftzD-1E Design: Flat dark green colors with metallic accents

Mobile Suit Information:  Funnel-heavy officer-level suit. Also has multiple manipulators and mega-particle cannons hidden in torso and binder. Extremely fast and agile despite large size (22 meters), and can engage both at medium and short range. Pilot is cyber-newtype Lt. Marida Cruz of Neo-Zeon faction, the Sleeves.

Notes: Initially, this was painted lighter, but it didn’t go well with the metallic accents, so I stripped off the initial paint job and decided to go with darker colors which worked quite well IMO with the metallic parts. It’s my first completed job, so there are a LOT of mistakes. T_T Please forgive them! :D


Color scheme:

  • Main armor / Funnels / Binders: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Olive Drab 1/2, Nato Green -> light gloss clear top coat
  • Outer Exhaust parts: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Gloss Aluminum -> light ‘top coat’ of Metallic Silver
  • Inner Exhaust parts: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Gold -> light flat clear top coat
  • Inner Binders: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Light Gunmetal -> light gloss clear top coat
  • ‘Mechanical parts: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Gunmetal, OR 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Gloss Aluminum, OR 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> Gold
  • Black parts: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> light gloss clear top coat
  • ‘Sleeves’ trims / Mono-eye: 1200grit sanding -> Black base coat -> trims done with Schneider silver paint markers

Photos follow (this was a really fun photo shoot)! 








HGUC 1/144 RGM-89S Stark Jegan Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snap-build + sanding + washing)

Mobile Suit: HGUC RGM-89S Stark Jegan  || Grade: High Grade Universal Century 1/144

Goal: Flat with Metallic accents + Decals || Progress: WIP 1: initial snapbuild + pre-sanding + washing + painting preparations

Next Step: painting
321837_2569963484989_1886238729_oThis kit is actually the very first kit I bought (thanks to Kryz who actually talked me into buying it), though I never got around to finishing it (I stopped working on it ’cause I thought I lost a part which was just stuck inside a bigger part). Since this is my first kit, I’m going to forego the usual photoshoot and just post the basic steps step-by-step (yay time travel 2 years back!).

384937_2569964245008_29523094_nMy very first set of tools! During this time, I still didn’t know how to use a hobby knife, so all nubs were obliterated by the cutter and sandpaper alone.  For an HGUC grunt, this actually has a decent amount of parts due to the backpack / rocket launcher system, and the extra armor and thruster parts (compared to the typical Jegan).
383606_2569967605092_1386091526_nLooks so effing macho for a Jegan-type, don’t you think? What a sexy profile; those non-standard Jegan parts really give it  a much heavier profile than the typical Jegan.

383610_2569966605067_1798282730_n382727_2569964845023_1248734212_n393440_2841742439293_87052579_nPart separation after snap build.

390875_2841742879304_1830644090_nBath time! Haha. Well, since I didn’t have a hobby knife and just used sandpaper to remove nubs, there was a LOT of sandpaper residue on the pieces. Decided to leave them live that overnight.

406673_2841743759326_889888348_n408891_2872997540651_1891824657_nAnd now we’re ready for painting!

Gonna post the WIP2 by next weekend.

MG 1/100 MSN-06s Sinanju Ver. Ka Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snap-build + pre-sanding)

Mobile Suit: MG MSN-06s Sinanju Ver. Ka  || Grade: Master Grade 1/100  scale

Goal: Full metallic finish / flat weaponry || Progress: WIP 1: initial snapbuild + pre-sanding

Next Step: initial buffing and basecoat


This kit was supposed to be my entry for annual May Gunpla contest here in the Philippines, but due to schedule / time constraints + unfortunately bad weather in the weeks leading to the contest. I decided I’d rather do it right than rush it.

The Sinanju is a stolen (then modified) suit used by Full Frontal (a supposed clone of Char Aznable). Originally designed by Anaheim Electronics, it’s been modified in “Zeonic” style, making it similar to the Sazabi. While it’s not as heavily armed as one would expect of an officer-level suit, it makes up for this with extreme speed and agility (recalling the “three times faster” than most mobile suits meme in the various Gundam series). Armaments include a Beam Rifle, a shield, two (2) Beam Sabres, two (2) Beam Axes, and two (2) 60mm Vulcan Guns.


Kit-wise, this is as complex as they get, with the kit having over 400 parts (I lost count). It’s extremely detailed and pose-able, as well as having a lot of smooth contours which, as stated above, is the reason I’m opting to go for a metallic finish on it (probably silver and copper). I’ll probably go with multiple iterations of sanding and buffing per layer (plus bare) to get the best possible shine in the end. Anyway, please find below my WIP #1 pictures. (PS: Please forgive this photoshoot, I was too lazy to actually get good lighting and whatnot)









HG NZ-666 “Kshatriya” Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snapbuild + sanding, unpainted)

Mobile Suit: HG NZ-666 Kshatriya

Grade: High Grade 1/144  scale (bigger than a 1/100 master grade tho o_O)

Goal: Flat /metallic paint finish + LED Progress: WIP 1: initial snapbuild + sanding, unpainted

Next Step: prime parts with black and grey, finish painting flat parts

I decided to join the newcomers division for a local gunpla contest, and upon suggestion, I picked up the first mobile suit I fell in love with in Gundam Unicorn, the NZ – 666 Kshatriya, piloted by Marida Cruz. ^^ The main armaments of the “Ksh”, are it’s 24 funnels, hidden under it’s 4 wing binders (which is the reason this suit is usually called “the quad wing”), several beam sabers, and some mega particle cannons (which the pilot always seems to keep in reserve).

It’s also larger than most mobile suits at 22~meters, making it’s 1/144 scale model larger than some 1/100 HG or MG models. It’s also worth noting that the amount of parts (there are freaking LOTS) and details in this kit are master grade level-ish (only thing missing, really, is a true Inner Frame). Anyway, here goes my first snapbuild photos!

If you want to see the Kshatriya in action, here’s a small youtube clip of some action shots, courtesy of the Korean dude who posted it:


Next step? Gonna paint the accents dirty metallic, flat for the main armor parts, and grease / gunmetal / black for the inner mechanisms. Gonna be a big job detailing those funnels >.>

MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” Work-in-Progress 2 (weapons assembly)

Mobile Suit: MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” [MS IGLOO]

Grade: Master Grade 1/100 scale

Goal: Battle-damaged / Weathered Progress: WIP 2: weapons assembly!

Next Step: primer coat armor pieces, paint Inner Frame w/ Light Gunmetal and lots of sanding.

So after a week of gunpla standby (work :P), I got around to building the Ogre’s weapons. :D It has a Zaku Bazooka, an 120mm Zaku Machinegun, a Heat Hawk, 2x Missile Pods, and 2x Grenades! :D These weapons were from the time before beam weaponry became ubiquitous. Cool, eh?

Here are some shots! I got bored, and I did some posing (I didn’t get a good background ’cause it’s just a WIP) XD!

One thing I noticed though, is that why it’s possible to have it carry all the weapons at the same time, it can NOT equip the grenades if you stored the Zaku Bazooka at the rear waist compartment.

For the weapons, I just plan on a mix of gunmetal, black and rusty-ness (once I learn), and probably a two layer heat effect on the Heat Hawk (I got an idea, hopefully I can pull it off). Wish me luck guys. XD

MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snap-build, unpainted)

Mobile Suit: MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” [MS IGLOO]

Grade: Master Grade 1/100 scale

Goal: Battle-damaged / Weathered Progress: WIP 1: initial build, nub removal, unpainted

Next Step: weapons assembly

While I have yet to watch MS IGLOO (a series of 9 CGI short films set during the One Year War), I fell in love with this kit when I saw Mr. Pink showed it’s high articulation (I believe one of the highest, if not the best of all MGs). When he put it up for sale, I went for it, and decided it’ll be my mascot. >:) I plan on giving this a battle-damaged / weathered paintjob. :3 (inspired by the box art XD)

Aside from being a simple but awesome kit, one can’t really help but be amazed at the articulation on the thing. Even if it was only snapbuilt when I received it and still had a fair amount of nubs obstructing movement, I was still able to pose it a lot! See the one-hand push up and two-hand pushup examples below!

As of the moment, I haven’t assembled the weapons yet, though I noticed something really nice about this kit: the limb joints and hands are FIRM. I had that kind of problem with the GN-X wherein the fingers felt loose, and so I couldn’t make it hold anything much (sans piercing it w/ it with the GN Claws). The Ogre however, was all fun (bet I could make it do a lot of funny poses and gestures when I get the time). I could even make it hold fansigns!

The above posts are also a shout-out to my StarcraftPH bros! :D FIGHTING! \m/ Haha. Well, time to rest.

Next step will be the weapons assembly and the pre-painting sanding + primer coating if I can manage it.

MG GNX-603T GN-X “Jinx” Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snap-build, unpainted)

Mobile Suit: GNX-603T GN-X [Gundam 00 S1]

Grade: Master Grade 1/100 scale

Goal: Chrome + Metallic Silver Shiny Finish Progress: WIP 1: Initial Build, unpolished, unpainted.

Next Step: Experiment with ways I can get a good mirror finish with black, chrome, and silver, w/o resorting to Airbrushes or Kosutte Gin San + paint Inner Frame w/ Light Gunmetal.

The GNX-603T GN-X (usually called  “Jinx”) is an unusually sleek mobile suit which holds a special place in my heart for being one of the first few grunt MS in Gundam 00 to stand toe-to-toe, even for a short while, against the gundams (yes I’m a grunt lover). Aside from that, it looks really cool (badass GN Rifle! \m/), with a somewhat unique design which i <3’d the first time I saw it. So here we go, my first Master-grade kit!

A lot of spruces! Haha. First thing I noticed was the sheer amount of parts that were in the box (a lot more than HG’s , which I have been building previously), and that the plastic seems to be of a different quality; it felt stronger in my hands. To celebrate my first MG kit, I bought a toolbox and some new blades for the design knife.

I really do have to mention that I’m a busy guy, so I work on my kits in my spare time, usually in the dead of night while watching Gundam in the background. XD Here’s Mr. Jinx, built torso and up. He stayed like that for almost two weeks. o_O Also, I’m quite meticulous when it comes to nubs and nub marks, and I took my time with the initial sanding too, especially as I’m planning to do a very shiny paintjob for this one.

I must say, while it’s really hard making it stand up and balancing it on its legs (it was never meant to stand up on them I think;  IIRC, the anime never showed them standing up), it does have a very sleek profile. Kinda reminds me of fighter jets + stealthy alien ships from sci-fi series. Anyway, here’s a couple of pictures of the initial snap build on a stand. :D

Next step will be experimenting with ways I can get a good mirror finish with black, chrome, and silver, w/o resorting to Airbrushes or Kosutte Gin San.