MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snap-build, unpainted)

Mobile Suit: MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” [MS IGLOO]

Grade: Master Grade 1/100 scale

Goal: Battle-damaged / Weathered Progress: WIP 1: initial build, nub removal, unpainted

Next Step: weapons assembly

While I have yet to watch MS IGLOO (a series of 9 CGI short films set during the One Year War), I fell in love with this kit when I saw Mr. Pink showed it’s high articulation (I believe one of the highest, if not the best of all MGs). When he put it up for sale, I went for it, and decided it’ll be my mascot. >:) I plan on giving this a battle-damaged / weathered paintjob. :3 (inspired by the box art XD)

Aside from being a simple but awesome kit, one can’t really help but be amazed at the articulation on the thing. Even if it was only snapbuilt when I received it and still had a fair amount of nubs obstructing movement, I was still able to pose it a lot! See the one-hand push up and two-hand pushup examples below!

As of the moment, I haven’t assembled the weapons yet, though I noticed something really nice about this kit: the limb joints and hands are FIRM. I had that kind of problem with the GN-X wherein the fingers felt loose, and so I couldn’t make it hold anything much (sans piercing it w/ it with the GN Claws). The Ogre however, was all fun (bet I could make it do a lot of funny poses and gestures when I get the time). I could even make it hold fansigns!

The above posts are also a shout-out to my StarcraftPH bros! :D FIGHTING! \m/ Haha. Well, time to rest.

Next step will be the weapons assembly and the pre-painting sanding + primer coating if I can manage it.


6 thoughts on “MG MS-06J Zaku II V2 “White Ogre” Work-in-Progress 1 (initial snap-build, unpainted)

  1. Sir,any advice on how to paint the white ogre to get the right shade of “white”? Please email the process to my email add.currently working on same kit myself here in PH.Kindly send tips and procedures for painting and weathering as well.appreciate it.tnx!

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